Hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure is a medical condition in an individuals blood pressure is consistantly greater than 140mmHg systolic and 90 mmHg diastolic when at rest. Whether treatment of the condition is neccessary depends both on the severity of the condition (i.e. how high the blood pressure is) and whether any additional problems are resulting from the condition.


Severity of hypertension is graded as follows:

Categories of blood pressure readings
CategorySystolic (mmHg)Diastolic (mmHg)
Optimal <120<80
Normal <130<85
High-normal 130-13985-89
Grade 1 hypertension (mild) 140-15990-99
Subgroup (borderline) 140-14990-94
Grade 2 hypertension (moderate) 160-179100-109
Grade 3 hypertension (severe) >180>110
Isolated systolic hypertension >140<90
Subgroup (borderline) 140-149<90